Anyone taking a road trip this weekend? Forget "I Spy", "20 Questions" and that mind-numbing game about Grandpa's trunk and all it's alphabetized contents.  

The only family car game you should play is NickMom's "Road Trip Bingo". If you get stuck in traffic at the same time you run out of snacks, you have a very good chance of winning!

You don't even have to interact with your kids— you can play all by yourself!

"G, Diaper Blowout in the Middle of Nowhere" anyone?


Please do me the honor of sharing your worst "child in car" story below.

Mine was the time I fed a nine-month-old Mazzy both milk and orange juice as part of several misguided attempts to get her to stop crying. Then we hit a bump and she started throwing up orange neon foam like some sort of rabid alien baby, causing me to start to screaming like I was auditioning for a Wes Craven movie and Mike to freak out and pull over.

Your turn!


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