Meet Zana. She was in the midst of a mother-daughter shopping trip to TJ Maxx when all hell broke loose. Her mother, Besa from Mom in DCity, thinks Zana was just overtired.

I don't know about that. How would you like to be left topless and confined to a shopping cart while thousands of designer label shirts at bargain level prices taunted you with their proximity?

It's like handcuffing a bride-to-be to a radiator at a Vera Wang sample sale! Or blindfolding Charlie Sheen at a strip club!

Or….maybe the anti-Maxxinista ripped off her clothes in protest because she would much rather be paying full price at Sak's.

You tell me in the comment section below. 

Rosie-pope-hampton-tunicWinner will not only be crowned "Caption Contest Queen", he/she could also take home the GORGEOUS $216 "Hampton Tunic" silk maternity dress from Rosie Pope pictured left!

I actually won the dress (sized medium) at a Philips AVENT Natural Bottle event a few weeks ago but I think it would look much better on one of you.

Just write "PREGGO!" after your caption and you will be eligible for the giveaway. I will pick my favorite caption for the winner and my favorite PREGGO caption for the giveaway. Who knows? They might be one and the same.

That is, if all the preggo people can dry their tears, put down their cartons of ice cream and stop thinking of baby names long enough to come up with something good. You can do it!

Winner(s) will be announced on Friday..