Sure, I’m thankful for family and friends and good health and what not. Isn’t everybody? But if I’m really honest, I find myself thanking Seamless and Uber pretty often too.

I’m a person who sleeps with my smart phone. I’m not quite sure how I ever survived without it and I’m totally cool with that. I don’t want to go back to a simpler time. I like my modern amenities, thank you very much.

Here are 12 things I am really thankful for. Admit it— you’re thankful for these things too.

thankful 13

thankful 5

thankful 14


thankful 6

thankful 7

thankful 8

thankful 11

thankful 4

thankful 9

thankful 10

thankful 12

What modern day things are you really thankful for?


This post was a collaboration between me and Janel Mills from 649.133 – Girls, the Care and Maintenance Of.

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