Pictured above is Duckie— Mazzy's "Toy of the Month". Duckie is about three inches tall and today, he accompanied Mazzy to the bath, distracted her on the changing table and sat next to her plate at dinner. 

By next month, she will have moved onto something else, but as of right now, Duckie is so special that Mazzy has created a home for him to live when she doesn't have time to play.

Where has Mazzy determined is the best place for Duckie's new home?

Tucked under the edge of the hallway rug, of course!


Cute, right?

Now I'd like to give you a more complete picture of Duckie's new neighborhood: 

Screen shot 2012-02-10 at 1.01.00 AM

So you see, Duckie has become a bit of a hazard. 

And despite repeatedly putting Duckie back in the toy bin, he always seems to find his way back home. 

Take yesterday evening.

Mazzy had gone to bed. I was blogging away in the living room on the couch. Mike was in the bedroom putting away his laundry.

All was well.

Then I heard the bedroom door open, followed by a high-pitched scream and the sound of a thousand bricks falling to the floor.

"DUCK!" (At least that's what I think he said.)

Mike met Duckie.

Duckie won.

I just recently stopped laughing.

Today on Babble, I posted "Scenes from a Toddler's House". Fifteen pictures of Mazzy wreaking havoc, redecorating and imposing toddlerhood on every aspect of our apartment.

Check it out here.


One more thing:

This week, New York Magazine reported that "Shit Girls Say, Episode 2" was the most critically acclaimed "Shit _______ Say" with 65 "likes" for every dislike and "Shit Fat People Say" was the least critically acclaimed with .77 "likes" for every dislike.

This is not correct.

"Shit Toddlers Say" (starring my very own daughter) has 111 "likes" for every dislike. With the "top comment" being: "What kind of heartless beast could dislike this video?" 

So. Who's gonna tell NY Mag about their mistake???

Don't worry. Mazzy is on it.


Have a good weekend!

— Mommy Shorts