I wasn't sure how I was going to open DAY TWO of the Evil Baby Glare-Off until one of the contestants (a little girl who may or may not be staring in "The Ring IV") helped me out. Her name is Isabel and she will forever be remembered as the darkhorse who gave frontrunner Miles a run for his money.

Below is Isabel checking herself out in the tournament video I debuted yesterday. Watch her bring some much needed trash talking to the competition.


Unfortunately for Isabel, Miles bested her in ROUND 1 but who knows what would have happened if we had seen her "BRING IT ON" attitude sooner. As a consolation prize, I would like to offer Isabel a commemorative t-shirt that says: "There are no winners in Evil Baby Glare-Off. Only survivors."

Picture 38

Want your own commemorative t-shirt or onesie? Purchase it here.

Isabel was just one of the 16 contestants who did not make it to ROUND 2. It was a close race with three of the match-ups ending with only a 1% margin determining the winner. See the final tallies here.


Today, the pool has narrowed, new match-ups have been made and we all must vote again. If you thought yesterday's voting was tough, today's pairings take it to a whole other level.












May the Evilest Baby Win!



Today's giveaway is an ingeniously designed storage box to quickly organize your child's growing supply of LEGOS called BOX 4 BLOX. (Don't have any legos? YOU WILL.)

Box 4 Blox ($39.95) is a four tiered box that automatically sorts legos by size simply by shaking the box. Each tier has different sized holes so the smallest pieces fall to the bottom and the largest pieces stay at the top.

Easy storage means less chance you'll step on an errant LEGO and more importantly, less chance your kid will lose his/her mind over a hard-to-find piece.

And if you've got one of the kids pictured above, I do not want to see what goes down when he/she can't find something. I'm sure it is scary, scary stuff.



1) You must be a Mommy Shorts Facebook Fan to enter. If you are not one already, you can become one by clicking "Like" on the facebook widget on my right sidebar or by clicking here.

2) Help me come up with more ways to say a child is evil in the comment section below. Ex. "Which kid looks like he tortures the neighbor's cats?" or "Who would be more likely to trip an old lady while she crosses the street?" My favorite answer wins. And hopefully I'll be using some of your responses tomorrow.

3) This is not required BUT— please spread the word of the Evil Baby Glare-Off. Post a link on your facebook page, click "like" underneath the post, tweet about it, tell your child's preschool teacher, whatever. Just because that would be a very nice thing to do. Thank you.

All giveaway winners will be announced on Monday October 17th, along with the winner of the glare-off.



UPDATE: Go to the Quarter Finals.