There were over 650 entries in the Vonage Time to Call iPad Giveaway which comes as no surprise I guess. Hopefully, some of you tech hungry people will be back for more. I have giveaways quite frequently. Inbetween I wax on about my ornery husband and my adorable daughter. They may not come with a $500 Apple gift card attached but I assure you— they are very entertaining.

In order to enter the giveaway, I had everyone tell me who their child would call if they were given one phone call. An approximation of the results is charted below.


As you can see Grandma and Grandpa were the front runners by a landslide. Their collective plan of filling our kids with ice cream and showering them with obnoxiously large gifts is clearly paying off.

Well done, Grandma/pa, well done.

There were also calls made to Barney, Callilou, Justin Bieber, Spiderman, Mater, Mickey Mouse and the ridiculously annoying kids from the Fresh Beats Band (to name a few). But that chart would have needed an MIT graduate to formulate and I don't have those kinds of resources.

I also had people post pictures of their kids talking on the phone to the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage. Before I get to the winner, I would like to share a few of my favorites. (For the large majority of the photos, I wrote my own captions. Anyone who has an issue, email me and I'll take it down.)

Picture 43


Picture 39

ANNA: "Oh my GAWD, my mom just walked in. I'll call you back."

Picture 26

JOSEF: "Hello? Can someone please tell me why I am surrounded by all these appliances from the 80's?"

Picture 33

CHLOE: "I'm on the bed. What are you doing?" BRODY: "I'm on the bed too." KAYLI: "OMG! I'm on the bed THREE!!!"

Picture 34

AVERY: "Gotham City will have to wait. I am under a peanutbutter and jelly attack."

Picture 41

SHELDON: "I don't want to alarm anyone but the kitchen in my playroom is growing. I think it's about to spread to the rest of the house."

Picture 40

ANNA: "Keep taking photos, Mom. I am just three ounces of saliva away from destroying your iPhone completely."

Picture 38

AIDEN: "I'll have to tell you later. She's sitting right next to me."

Picture 29

GRACELYN: "Is this the dry cleaner? How are you with shit stains on cotton?"

Picture 31

LIAM: "Mom!!! Come quick! The device on the window sill is trying to talk to me!!!"

Picture 42

EHREN: "Mom? Can you come home? Dad is confusing a towel for an outfit."

Picture 36

HAZY: "I know, Dad, I'm concerned too. This is Mom's third case of road rage this week."

Picture 35

MAXIMUS: "Do you mind? This is official Ninja Turtle business."

Picture 32

MIA: "But Daaaaad, how am I supposed to manipulate you when you can't see my face?"

Picture 10

MADELINE: "Hello, Nana? Can I come stay with you? Mom and Dad don't let me eat cookies 24/7 or stay up late to watch True Blood. It's like prison! Uh-oh. Gotta go… they're watching."

Picture 1

HANA: "Hello, fashion police? I'd like to report a handbag infraction."

Picture 7

STEPHEN: "This is BULLSHIT. Can you just tell us who won the stupid iPad already???"

And the winner is… RYAN (from Woven Moments)!

Who would Ryan's kid call?

"My daughter would probably call Santa Clause. And tell him that he forgot to make her into a mermaid last Christmas. Try explaining THAT one!"

Looks like Ryan is going to have more explaining to do when her daughter can't get Santa on the phone. Although, if you are going to make calls to the North Pole, the Vonage Time to Call app is probably the cheapest way to do it.

Thanks for playing!

(Ryan— email me to claim your prize.)