I've got tons of announcements today because Mommy Shorts went a little contest crazy over the past couple of weeks. (I'm gonna back-off the contests next week and go old school Mommy Shorts.) But first let's all take a moment to look at my adorable daughter trying her best to blow bubbles up top.


Okay. Ready?



The first thing I want to do is announce the esteemed judges of the Baby Celebrity Lookalikes Contest. They are Jill, the one woman tour-de-force behind Scary Mommy, the hilariously dry Marinka from Motherhood in NYC and Kate & Lydia aka Rants from Mommyland (two women who somehow get away with saying "strap-on hoohahs" on live television).

I told you my judging panel was gonna be NO JOKE.

If you have not been following the voting with rapt attention like I have, then you might not have noticed that LISA "LEFT EYE" LOPEZ is about to take out STAY PUFT in the popular vote. That's right. You all thought Stay Puft had that shit LOCKED UP. Nope. IT IS ON.


You can still enter your baby (0-5 years old) up until August 25th by posting his/her picture with the name of their celebrity lookalike on the wall of the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage. Two winners (the one with the most facebook "likes" and one decided on by our judges) will win an $100 Amazon Gift Card from Toddlewood.

Click here to see and vote on all 80+ entries.



Rokenbok To win the Rokenbok Giveaway, everyone had to tell me the most boring game your child makes you play. There were over 170 responses, one more sleep-inducing than the next.

"Sippy Cup Exchange", a game in which your child hands you a sippy cup and then you hand it back to them over and over again until you both die a slow horrible death was incredibly popular. (Maybe Hasbro should turn it into a board game.) Also popular was "Hide in the Same Place Every Single Time & Seek" which sounds excrutiating.

I took the liberty of naming a few of the other mind-numbing games people mentioned because I got bored reading their descriptions:

Brian: "Rock Paper Scissors (Best of 70)"

Andrea: "Race Around Kitchen Island"

Kestie77: "Puzzle Assembly Observance"

Kerri: "Sock Drawer Pile-Up Showdown"

Ashley: "Laundry Basket House Tour"

Steph: "Blind Mommy With A Flashlight"

Sara: "The Un-Oh I Dropped Something Intentionally Game" (one of Mazzy's personal favorites)


Afton: "Drawing Vacuums, Seriously."

But perhaps my favorite boring game was…

Abigail: "Pretend to Sleep in the Closet"

NOTE TO ABIGAIL: I have been trying to get Mazzy into the game "Lie Down & Relax on the Bed" for months now so if this is something your child is actively requesting and you do not like it, might I suggest a game of "Toddler Swap"? Email me if interested.

Did I mention the winner yet? No?

The $100 Rokenbok Action Set goes to…. Heather K!

And the $50 Deluxe ROK Blocks goes to… Renee W!

Please email me at to claim your prize.

Hopefully, this will be your first step towards winning "Sippy Cup Exchange" once and for all.



917JyjUTGFL._AA1500_ Yesterday I revealed Mike's horrific drawing of Elmo and determined I need to buy some coloring books before Mazzy is scarred for life. Then I offered three copies of the Bunny & Bear in Bryant Park Coloring Book from Wee Gallery for those with similar Sesame Street bastardizing tendencies.

The three winners are…

Becky, Galit Breen, and Cherish Keller!

Congratulations! You no longer have to subject your child to demented Dora drawings or Thomas the Train crashes. Please email me at to claim your prize.

Also Abigail emailed me this picture of Elmo that she attempted to draw with sidewalk chalk after I inspired her:

Picture 37

Allow me to teach the first lesson of my Online Sesame Street Drawing Tutorial.

Lesson #1: Elmo's eyes are on top of his head, not in the middle.

See you next time, class!



Picture 39 Lastly, I have one more exciting thing for my tristate area readers. Splish Splash offered me four tickets to their waterpark to be used by the end of the summer. I actually LOVE water parks but if Mike and I took Mazzy at this age, I can almost guarantee none of us would make it home alive. 

SO. Splish Splash said I could offer up the four tickets (value $160) to my readers instead. If anybody has kids who are older than mine, lives in driving distance from Long Island, and gets excited by things like "Dr. Von Dark's Tunnel of Terror", please leave a comment saying so below.

I'll pick someone randomly on Sunday night.


That's it. Phew. I'm looking forward to a break from the contests next week.

Have a good weekend!

— Mommy Shorts

UPDATE: Congrats to Tracy! Your husband will be pissing his pants in Dr. Von Dark's Tunnel of Terror!