SP11_478_A This Saturday, Mazzy will be attending a wedding. The invitation says “formal attire” and it will be my baby’s first fancy event. (Milestone alert!)

In order to make sure Mazzy is properly decked out, I enlisted the help of Jenny Cooper, head of crewcuts design, the adorably fashionable kid’s line that’s an off-shoot of J. Crew. In addition to casual kid’s wear, crewcuts also has some of the best “special occasion” options for kids 2T and up.

Jenny humored me by answering a series of “fancy toddler” questions, including what to do in the event of Mazzy’s ULTIMATE FASHION NIGHTMARE— another girl showing up in the very same dress!!! (That’s Jenny pictured above with her two sons, 9 year-old Walker and 6 year-old Miller— just biding time till their next tuxedo-wearing opportunity, I’m sure).


Mazzy is invited to a summer wedding. What would you suggest she wear to steal maximum attention from the bride?

Something so chic the bride will be out-chicced. I would go with the brilliant color of our Maisie dress (perhaps rename it Mazzy in her honor!) It’s a little bit architectural, with a burst of flowers on the waist tie. Then I would let her have fun with the shoes and be comfortable – maybe the Bensimmon tennis Elly in coral, to play off the striking pink dress. Top the look off with a pair of sunglasses The Selima Ecole for movie star glam OR the Selima Scout, if she prefers a bookish charm. Either way, the bride will die of envy!

I am in the process of growing out Mazzy’s bangs. Without a barrette, she looks like the baby version of Captain Caveman. What hair accessory can she wear to keep her locks in check?

A bunch of flower snap clips would be darling. It may sound like overkill but it will just look like a few of the flowers from the belt have escaped and lodged in her hair.

Let’s say Mazzy was invited with a date. Once she has selected her companion from a long list of interested candidates, what should she tell him to wear?

Obviously a tux jacket, but since I expect Mazzy will be dating a rebel that refuses to wear pants in summer, he can pair it with a spiffy short – like the blue oxford cloth and our red gingham bow tie. Then, because kids are allowed to mix it up a bit add retro orange Jack Purcell sneakers. Selima aviators polish off the look. 

Two toddlers show up to an event wearing the same dress. How should their moms handle it without causing a scene?

How adorable would that be??? Take lots of photos of them hugging each other and become BFFs.

That never would have occured to me. No wonder I have so few mom friends. Do you have an opinion on toddler heels?

I do. It’s unprintable. They are not my favorite thing…

AGREED. What is the biggest mistake parents make when dressing a child for a special occasion?

Trying too hard to make them look “formal” and forgetting that children are creatures of comfort. If the outfit is restricting or itchy, it will end up elsewhere than on the child. If a girl likes to wear a graphic tee with a taffeta ball skirt and her sneakers – let her!!!  She’ll still steal the show!

Mazzy has a full schedule of classes, naptimes and playdates. Add an evening affair into the mix and we barely have time for a playground visit. Is it possible to take a toddler look from day to night without a full wardrobe change?

There is really no way to do day-to-night without a change of clothes. From my experience, too much of lunch winds up dripped on the day outfit to make it presentable for evening. I know it’s hard but sometimes an entire change is just a necessity.

Understood. One last question. On a scale of 1-10, how adorable is my daughter?

I would have to say 100.

THAT IS CORRECT! I mean, thank you.


UPDATE: Read all about my experience at the wedding in a post I call: The World’s Worst Wedding Date.

And check out pictures of Mazzy in the crewcuts dress here.


Check out crewcuts by J. Crew’s amazing selection of sweet-chic frocks, shoes and accessories for “pint-size party girls” by clicking here. I promise, you’ll find yourself wondering if they carry the clothes in your own size.