When Jessica from Four Plus An Angel emailed me the picture above, I basically replied "that's nice" and went back to the task of scouring my baby photo archive for anything remotely amusing. Two weeks later, while cleaning out my inbox, I came across her email again and realized I missed a crucial photo detail.

Sweet little Parker is giving his sister McKenna a big fat "FUCK YOU".

(My bad, Jessica!)

Upon further study, I have come to think that seemingly innocent McKenna is far from the victim in this equation. In fact, it looks to me like McKenna just whispered a little something into her baby brother's ear. So now the question is: What could McKenna possibly have said that caused Parker to flip her off?

As always, the judge for this contest is the winner of the last caption contest, our two time winner and current Caption Contest Queen— JLK from Pieces of Me. As judge, JLK is out of the running, which means the rest of you actually have a shot.

Winner gets a lifetime supply of imaginary diapers, an invisible nursery furnished by Bravo, and the supreme power of judging the next caption contest. There's a crown involved and everything.

Now give me some good stuff. The last thing I want to do is disappoint The Queen.