Picture 24 It's been a while since I've done a "Comment of the Week" but I'm going to remedy that with a new feature I'm calling "Great Comments That Refuse To Go Unnoticed". (That was probably pretty obvious from the graphic). Whenever I see a comment that is truly inspired, this will be my way of making sure that I am not the only person who has the priviledge of reading it. 

For instance. On my Dear Katie Holmes post about the ridiculousness of Suri's toddler heels, Jen C had this to say…

"I think it's pretty clear what's going on here. Katie is not to blame. It's clear she hasn't had one independent thought since she signed her life away in her contract with Tom. The culprit behind Suri's fabulousness is the man who is living vicariously through her: her father. Oh how he wishes he could prance around in a pink skirted leotard over spandex, wearing sparkly heels. Alas, the administrators of his purification rituals at the Scientology center have labeled that strictly verboten. Prudes. So poor Suri is forced to wear her father's dream attire while her mother smiles blankly, her soul retreating further into itself. See? Crystal clear."

—Jen C

You see how I couldn't let that gem spend it's sole existence living under a post of mine that may or may not have been as inciteful as the comment it inspired? If you'd like to hear more from Jen C, follow her on twitter.