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Did you know that this week a crazy lady named CAT called me a "homely stay-at-home nobody"? And I was all like "Excuse me, but I work FREELANCE!"* And then Heidi and Debi and Elizabeth and Caryn jumped in and rushed to my defense (thank you very much)!

If you'd like to check out the brouhaha for yourself, you'll find it under my Dear Angelina Jolie post. (Editor's Note: Humorless + Diehard Fan = Lethal Combination). I hope the Katie Holmes fan community has a better sense of humor, because her post is up next week.

What else happened this week besides THE CAT LADY telling me to "get a life"?

• I went from diapering the baby to being carted off on a gurney (all in alphabetical order)

• Mazzy chose her father, a banana, and a ball over my undying devotion

• I got sucked into an evil video vortex where everybody gets hit in the balls

• We learned how to get our babies to STOP SCREAMING!!!!

• Chelsea Bedano had the birthday party of a lifetime and the Arcade Fire song to prove it

• Our kids colored their way to COOLNESS

• (I don't want to alarm you BUT…) Mazzy just took someone hostage

• AND— you all entered The Greatest Giveaway of All Time! (What? You haven't yet? Why not? Do you not want a professional editor to take all the random videos you take of your kids and make them into one totally awesome home movie to cherish for the rest of your life???)

I also want to mention that I got some recognition this week. My Mashed Potato Post appeared in Bad Mother Daily (posts selected by bigtime blogger Her Bad Mother) and also in The Animiles (a newspaper dedicated to cats and ferrets) (I'm not kidding). So you tell me— should I be more concerned about being called out as a "bad mother" or a "cat"?

Seeing as CAT was also the name of the crazy lady who called me "ugly" and "disgusting" this week (seriously?), I'm going with BAD MOTHER.

Have a great weekend!

Mommy Shorts

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* Nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mom (hardest job there is); it's just if you're going to call someone out, at least get your facts straight.