As part of my ongoing partnership with Nordstrom, I’m excited to tell you about their anniversary sale this month. It includes items across their entire site, including my two favorite categories— kids and baby clothes.

Yes, as I’ve mentioned before, I wear the same things every day while my children monopolize all the fashion forwardness around here.

In fact, the other day, Mazzy called me out for wearing my pajamas to pick her up at a friend’s house. To be fair, the “pajamas” is a comfy shirt I happen to wear during the day and sometimes at night. I think it was originally bought as a pajama top but then one day, I was like— This can totally pass as a regular shirt!

Until your daughter calls you out for it in front of her friend’s mom, apparently.

MAZZY: Hey, Mom. Why are you wearing your pajamas?

ME: These aren’t pajamas.

MAZZY: Yes, they are!

ME (to friend’s mother): It’s just a shirt I sometimes wear during the day and I sometimes wear at night.

MAZZY: Yeah, but you’ve been wearing that shirt since last night!

Sigh. Busted by my four-year-old.

Anyway. Nordstrom. Who is totally embarrassed to be partnering with me right now…

They are having a huge anniversary sale!

Usually, I find sales for kid’s clothes challenging because they are always off-season and it’s impossible to think ahead for a growing baby/toddler/kid who could be anywhere from one to ten sizes larger by the time the sale clothes you bought them for the following summer come into play.

So. To do you all a favor, I went through the Nordstrom sale items and found some stuff appropriate for what we are all looking for RIGHT NOW.

What’s that?

You guessed it!

Back to school! (I know, I know, you read it in the headline.)

Here’s an outfit I put together for Mazzy’s (eek!) first year in kindergarten.

Photo 3


I’m particularly enamored with the blue striped shirt and even more impressed that Mazzy LOVED it. She pointed to the tiny dots and said, “Look, mom! PINK!!!!!”

That’s a win in my book.

1) Peek Jessica Stripe Tee (for a sale item in a similar style, I recommend this awesome eighties inspired sweatshirt)

2) Patagonia Quilted Down Vest (on sale)

3) Vince Riley Jeans (you can also find a few similar pairs of jeans that are part of the sale here and here)

4) Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers (on sale)

I also got Mazzy a really cute summer dress that you can warm up with boots and a sweater. Mazzy usually wears her summer dresses straight through fall with the addition of a cardigan and tights.

Photo 1 copy


1) Tea Collection Anneliese Dress (on sale)

2) Roxie Heart Beat Hooded Cardigan  (on sale)

3) Sperry Pelican Rain Boot (on sale)

Harlow got some clothes too, since she is off to preschool (*sob*) in the fall. I looked for dresses made in soft fabrics that were easy to move around in. Why dresses? Because it’s much easier to put together an outfit that way.



1) Tucker + Tate Bubble Dress with Bloomers (on sale)

2) Tea Collection Swing Dress with Leggings (on sale)

Both items ended up being a little big on Harlow but that’s cool because she plans on growing next year. I always like to err on the big side anyway, so my kids don’t outgrow everything a week after the first time they’ve worn it.

Photo 4 copy

Check out the kids section of the Nordstrom anniversary sale and while you are there, you can even swing on over to the adult section for their sale items too.

I hear they have some great shirts that can double as pajamas.


This post is sponsored by Nordstrom but all thoughts, opinions and embarrassing pajama top stories are my own.