We're already in our second week of 2011 and you know what I haven't done yet this year? A CAPTION CONTEST. Now— you could take the angle of… WOW, that child must have been left on her own for quite some time in order to wreak so much havoc on a pile of magazines… But I'm hoping for something that's more humorous, less "Personal Parenting Attack".

On second thought, say whatever you wish. I can take it.

Write your best caption in the comment section below. Winner gets the supreme honor of judging the next caption contest. This week's judge is the original King Of Captions— Craig from $99 Taglines. Don't disappoint him!

AND THE WINNING CAPTION IS… "Mama, how do you spell RANSOM? And can I have my glue stick, pleeeeaaasse?" submitted by JLK of Pieces of Me.

JLK beat out such gems like…

"I heard there was a full frontal of Brad Pitt in here somewhere," submitted by Dana of Feast After Famine and…

"OMG, mom, like I totally didn't know Taylor already kicked Jake to the curb! You gotta let me outta that crib more often. I'm, like, so 2010!" submitted by Julie Sharp of frvrchanged.

What did JLK win? Only the supreme honor of judging the next caption contest. But that's not all. As official Caption Contest Queen, JLK gets to don a nifty crown I created just for the occasion. Feel free to wear it on your blog with pride or to dismiss it like a disgruntled commoner. It is YOUR choice. You are QUEEN.

Heidi, Nic, Rob and Diane— as previous caption contest winners, you are all eligible to grab one too.