Today's baby profiling belongs to a princess, a soda lover and a baby girl who rocks a mullet. Why would you feed your baby soda? Why would you want your little girl to look like Kenny Powers? I'm not here to judge! If you would like your baby profiled, please click here.

Mullet   Name: Abigail

  Nickname: Crabagail

  Build: All cheeks

  Signature Style: Whatever works
  with the mullet 

  Favorite Grub: Hair (pretty soon
  she might be able to eat her own!)

  Favorite Book: Curious George
  Visits a Toy Store

  Can't Live Without: Her nippy

  Pet Peeve: Slow food preparation

  Future Career: Research &




IMG_2770  Name: Riley

  Nickname: Bubbles

  Build: Lean and mean

  Signature Style: Pink frilly
, glass slippers

  Favorite Grub: Mac 'n Cheese

  Favorite Book: Pinkalicious

Can't Live Without: Special Agent Osso

Pet Peeve: Sharing

Future Career: Actress, singer, dancer…Triple Threat!!!


CPJ  Name: CPJ

  Nickname: Boogs

  Build: Short with thick thighs like
  her Mama

  Signature Style: Carter's devotee

  Favorite Grub: Oatmeal and Pepsi

  Can't Live Without: Buns, the
  stuffed bunny

  Favorite Book: Clifford The Big
  Red Dog

  Pet Peeve: Not getting fed fast

  Best Trick: Pulling my socks off

  Future Career: Talk-show Host