Lil Doodlers was an idea born from a mom who was constantly finding little bits of crayons around her house and wanted to recycle them into something useful. She came up with the idea of melting them down and pouring them into kid-friendly molds, like rubber ducks, legos, cupcakes, racecars, teapots and more. The result is environmentally friendly and ridiculously cool. Plus, they are made from Crayola Crayons so you can feel safe knowing they’re 100% non-toxic.

Lil’ Doodlers will make custom orders with any colors you choose. If you request a shape that you don’t see on their site, they’ll try to find a mold that meets your needs. I can’t think of a better party favor for a kid’s birthday. Or Halloween is coming up— a pumpkin crayon favor would be a big hit. Oops— scratch that. Just checked their site and they are now selling Halloween Lego Men which is way cooler than my lame pumpkin idea.

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