Alexander Girard Alphabet Blocks from House Industries

When your baby is born, you are inundated with gifts from family members, friends, and co-workers. As the gifts roll in, you feel torn between feeling completely loved and thankful and being totally overwhelmed and distracted by where the hell you're going to put all this stuff. But everyone has that one gift that they totally adore. The gift that wasn't on the registry but wasn't plucked randomly out of the sale bin at Target either. It feels personal and special and makes you want to call that person immediately to thank them for knowing you so well.  

That gift for me was Alexander Girard Blocks from House Industries. The blocks use different fonts from the Alexander Girard font collection, a beautifully unique combination of colors, decidedly non-kiddie graphics and a cleverly-adapted House Industries factory logo puzzle on one side. And while the baby grows and we finish cycling through all the cute little outfits, the blocks will maintain a permanent space in our living room for years to come.  And one day, if the baby is really lucky, we might even let her play with them.

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