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Maia  Name: Maia Juniper 

  Nickname: Miss Mischief

  Build: Modelesque

  Signature Style: Plaid with

  Favorite Grub: CHOCOLATE
  (like her mama)

  Can't Live Without: "Baby"

  Biggest Gripe: Not being able to pee
  standing up like her brother

  Best Trick: Self-taught somersaults

Future Career: Air-raid siren



Mason   Name: Mason James

  Nickname: The Nugget

  Build: Mini Football Player

  Signature Style: Crispy Ts, jeans
  & chucks

  Eating Philosophy: No calorie left

  Can't Live Without: His Binky

  Interesting Factoid: Prefers to have
  diaper changed while standing
  (I gotta learn that one)

  Most Manipulative Move: Flushing
  the toilet while mommy is trying
  to shower

Future Career: Breaking hearts 

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Photo  Name: Charlie 

  Nickname: Charlie Bear

  Build: Husky

  Signature Style: Grey stripes and

  Food Philosophy: Add cheese,

  Can't Live Without: His toothbrush

  Favorite Pastime: Open the door.
  Close the door. Open the door.
  Close the door…

  Best Trick: Charming the pants off
  his girlfriend, Mazzy Rose
  (more on that at a later date)

  Future Career: Dentist