Do you remember the first episode of Harlow’s Baking Show? She made corn muffins and seemed to be referencing a long running series. In fact, I called that blog post “Harlow Thinks She has a Baking Show.” Well, this is the perfect example of manifesting your own destiny. Because Harlow kept at it and now she does indeed have a show. I’ve posted six episodes so far (you can watch them all on my IGTV) and we’ve filmed about 346.

Harlow bakes way faster than I can edit.

She’s baked so much, that I honestly I cannot remember what we have baked and when. Harlow remembers everything though. For the longest time, she kept asking me why I never posted her “original” baking show. I had no idea what she was talking about, until she made me go all the way back through my photo archives until last fall, and there it was—  footage of her making rainbow cupcakes. In the beginning she says, “Hello, my name is Harlow! Welcome to my baking show!” But she says it really fast and in a weird sing-song voice, so I guess I did not understand what she was saying or the greater significance at the time!

Anyway, clearly she was right. THIS is the original Harlow’s Baking Show. Enjoy!

You can find more episodes of Harlow’s Baking Show on YouTube and IGTV.