Since my kids were old enough to understand April Fool’s Day, I have always loved playing pranks on them. There was the time I froze Harlow’s cereal and she just about lost it, while Mazzy gave me High Five. There was the time I made them to do an easter egg hunt, only to discover pieces of matzah inside in place of candy. And then last year, I told the girls they could have Lucky Charms for breakfast, but I had secretly removed all the marshmallows.

This year, due to everything going on, and the fact that I was still isolated in the guest room, I kinda assumed April Fool’s Day was canceled.  Welp. Let’s just say….


Harlow got me by playing the same joke that I did on her back in 2017. She got me GOOD.

“You do that me, I do that to you.” The perfect song to accompany some good old-fashioned REVENGE.