Mazzy and Harlow were masters at bedtime stalling when they were toddlers (asking for water, band aids, more books, etc.) and they have only gotten better at it with age. I mean, it’s hard to argue with your 10yo when she’s not finished with her homework yet. Or your 7yo, who finally wants to show off her reading. Masters, I tell you. I posted an album on @averageparentproblems last week about all the ways Mazzy and Harlow put off bedtime, from saying they need a snack to telling me they haven’t eaten their gummy vitamins yet. With daylight savings time coming up this Sunday, it’s just going to get even worse!

In order to help combat the bedtime turmoil that parents often undergo when we have to forward the clocks an hour, I partnered with Young Living Essential Oils on an Instagram photo contest to give five winners $250 worth of products. About 300 people sent me photos of their kids doing something at bedtime other than going to sleep. Here are a few of my favorite examples of bedtime stalling!

49 Things Kids Do When They Should Be Getting Ready for Bed:

1) Say goodnight to all of their dolls

2) Complain that they’ve got just a few more pages in their book

3) Run around in circles

4) Stack all the bathroom cups into a pyramid

5) Ask for raspberries; then wears them as accessories

6) Practice their backbend

7) Suddenly develop a love of electrical tape

8) Act like wild animals

9) Refuse to get out of the ball pit

10) Draw on their little brother

11) Suddenly offer to do household chores

12) Finally get an urge to practice their instrument

13) Pretend it’s time for school

14) Hide under mom’s bed

15) Show off their newfound ability to climb onto the coffee table

16) Put all their dolls to bed on the stairs

17) Ask for some cheese

18) Hide in the office

19) Act like tonight might be the night they learn how to walk

20) Try on mom’s bra

21) Try out some yoga moves

22) Suddenly start getting along with their sibling

23) Suddenly stop getting along with their sibling

24) Have an underwear dance party

25) Bring their dolls into the bathroom to brush their teeth too

26) Put every toy they own in the bathtub

27) Decide to practice their handwriting

28) Ask for “one more cookie, pleeeeeeeease!”

29) Give all their dolls a bath and then cry when they get your bed wet

30) Ask for lemonade in their favorite cup. Yes, the disco cup.

31) Line up all your shoes in the hallway

32) Have a quick rodeo

33) Play video games with dad (COME ON, DAD!!!!)

34) Start a masterpiece

35) Try out deodorant for the first time

36) Search the entire house for pig ears to match their Peppa Pig pajamas

37) Lay out all their books so they can see their options properly

38) Tell mom that they need to do homework, even though they’re in kindergarten and they’ve never had homework

39) Take a million selfies

40) Hide in the cabinet

41) Upend the living room

42) Put all their stuffies on the stairs, then take a group selfie

43) “Accidentally” drop all their playing cards and then offer to clean them up

44) Scale the pantry

45) Say they can’t get ready for bed until the balloon touches the floor

46) Paint their entire body and then scare the bejesus out of their parents

37) Browse Mom and Dad’s DVD collection

38) Start a punk rock band

39) Dress up as cat ninjas

40) Admire themselves as they eat a banana. Very slowly. And in a basket.

41) Take their “dog” for a walk

42) Explore the contents of mom’s wallet

43) Pick a really messy snack that will require another bath afterwards

44) Attempt to hide in plain sight

45) Pretend to fall asleep on the couch

46) Reorganize their LOL dolls

47) Try to eavesdrop and then pass out on the stairs

48) Ask for just one more hug

49) Fall asleep in the bathroom during a bedtime protest

And the winners are…

The impromptu dance party crew (@simon_bites), the cheese eating kid (April Seiberlich), the cat ninjas (@zani1z), the kid eating a banana in a basket (@robinritt) and the stuffie selfie on the stairs (@kirstanvillasenor). Congrats! Please contact to claim your prize.

Each winner will receive $250 worth of products from Young Living, which they can use on nighttime routine supporting essential oils for kids and adults. Seedlings Calm essential oil blends Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Geranium. KidScents SleepyIze can be massaged or diffused into your child’s bedroom to create a peaceful aromatic environment. I also recommend Feather the Owl which is an ultrasonic diffuser, a humidifier, a night light and a white noise machine, all in one!

For parents, who need an extra boost after a sleepless night, you can check out Young Living’s NingXia products which contain natural occurring caffeine.

Congrats to all the winners and good luck Sunday night! I hope we all survive daylight savings and get some sleep.