We decided to switch it up this year and instead of going to Santaland at Macy’s (which was a nightmare last year and kinda killed Mazzy’s belief in Santa), we went to The National for their Santa brunch. Instead of waiting on a two hour line, Santa came around to all the tables while we leisurely ate breakfast tacos, Nutella Christmas Morning bread and drank candy cane hot chocolate.

But here’s the best part! Mazzy has been doubting Santa since last year, but has not fully given up on him yet. While we were waiting for him to come over, she said, “If he’s really Santa, he’ll know my birthday.”

When Santa arrived at our table, he said hello and Merry Christmas and then looked like he was moving on to the next table. Then he stopped, came back, turned to Mazzy and said, “Wait. Don’t you have a birthday coming up? Isn’t it on Monday?” Her mind was BLOWN.

To be honest, mine was too. And Mike definitely didn’t understand what was happening.

Then Santa left and Harlow said, “I want to ask him if he knows when MY birthday is!” I told her that he most likely knew Mazzy’s because she was born in December, but Harlow wanted to ask him anyway.

A little bit later, he came back over, handed Harlow a candy cane and said, “And one for you, since you recently had a birthday.” Mazzy’s eyes widened, but Harlow needed more.

“What day is my birthday?” She asked. Santa thought about it for a moment. “November 15th.”

Omg, their faces!!!!

“How do you remember all the kids’ birthdays?” I asked.

He said, “It’s really hard.”

When he walked away, Mazzy said, “That’s the real Santa.” Christmas magic restored.


FYI, this story is 100% true and if you have any questions, you can DM @mommyshorts on Instagram. You can also check my Instagram story highlight called “REAL SANTA,” where you can see video evidence.

What is something that happened to your kids or that you remember from your childhood that helped keep the magic alive?