We had Mazzy’s visiting day last weekend! She is at sleep-away camp for four weeks and visiting day was after the second week. You can read about why we sent her to sleep-away camp and what I know about her summer so far. It was about a three hour drive to the camp and we couldn’t wait to see her.

I’ll never forget seeing her wave excitedly when she spotted us from across the road. She was happy to see all of us, but we definitely took a backseat to Harlow. Oh my god, my heart, when they ran up to each other and hugged the life out of one another.


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Mike and I got our hugs next.

Then the girls walked off hand in hand, while Mazzy pointed out spots around camp and explained to Harlow everything that she has been doing. I almost felt like Mike and I learned more by eavesdropping on them than Mazzy would have told us on our own.

One thing was clear at Mazzy’s visiting day. We sent her to the right camp. Mazzy chose it herself at a camp fair and I had my reservations because it was very different from the camps I went to as a kid, but we also couldn’t disagree with any of the reasons she liked it— mainly that it was small, they let the kids make their own activity choices, and the kids wear beaded necklaces that represent camp values like integrity and kindness.

She was so in her element, it was ridiculous.

The counselors all said she was the ultimate camper. She was high-fiving her friends as we walked from one activity to the next. And she has tried so many new things. Like the trapeze!!!! If you click through the album below and watch the video until the end, you can see Mazzy complete her very first “catch.”


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Both Harlow and I tried the trapeze too and I have to say, it is even harder than it looks! It was everything I could do to just hold on and not fall before the guy told me to let go.

Harlow really tested her limits to keep up with her big sister. She also all went on the tree course, which was crazy high and very challenging! Mike and I did the course as well, and I could not believe Harlow made it through with her tiny little legs.

She actually thought the zip line at the end was the hardest part. Apparently, Harlow is not afraid of heights but she is very scared of speed. It took her a long time to agree to go down (there wasn’t really another option except jumping down from the platform while attached to the rope) but then, once she did it, she wanted to do it again.

Mazzy was so good at the course, she did the whole thing twice in the time it took the rest of us to do it once. How’s this for a smile with TEETH?

You can see more of the camp in my Instagram story highlights (it’s called Visiting Day), including Grammy and Sammy taking possibly the funniest videos (or lack of videos) I have ever seen. Seriously, I almost peed myself laughing so hard while I was posting them.

I also noticed that the blue is pretty much gone from Mazzy’s hair, which I was kind of happy about. It made her look little again and it’s a really good sign that she is bathing!

As for Mazzy’s cleaning skills, those have definitely not improved. Her shelves were an absolute mess. She told me I am not allowed to post any pictures of them, but you can be sure that I folded all her clothes before I left. I did love seeing her bed. Top bunk, just like at home, with her Boo and the stuffed avocado I sent her on her pillow. She also had hung all the pictures I printed above her bed. It was nice to see that the closest pic to her head at night was one of me and her.

Visiting Day was from noon to 4pm, and it passed pretty quickly. They had a big event planned that night (camp trip to the movies) to take the sting off all the parents leaving. Mazzy was a little sad to see us leave but I feel confident that the next two weeks are going to be filled with as much fun and adventure as the first two.

She gave us all even bigger hugs than when we arrived.

Miss you, Mazzy. More each day.