Tuesday night, Mazzy had her art displayed at an auction to raise money for pediatric cancer research. The event was attended by professional artists, street artists, marvel comic artists, the legendary Neil Patrick Harris and freakin’ Paul Rudd. It’s true what they say— the man does not age. Mazzy ran around showing off her piece to anyone who wanted to chat with her about art, while I tried my best to act super chill and casual the whole time. Just a totally normal evening, everyone! She ended up selling her piece to the highest bidder for $450! Go Mazzy! But I think she was most excited about the piece of art that we bid on and won—a portrait of a girl, painted by a 16yo, that we won for $160.

The most talked about blog post last week was about explaining the tricky world of text messaging to Mazzy. You see, we thought text messaging wouldn’t be something we’d be dealing with until we made the decision to get Mazzy a phone (still a few years away), but then her friends suddenly started texting each other using email addresses and their iPads. This all escalated really quickly, so I wrote a post about all the new rules we needed to put in place.

I also announced a new partnership with The Points Guy, a site that teaches you how to earn reward points and use them to your greatest advantage. They helped me come up with a list of recommended cards best for family travel and showed me what these cards can get by using one to book Mazzy’s Hotel Sleepover Party at the Park Hyatt. We got upgraded to such a crazy suite, I thought it was a mistake! You can read all about the party here.

Over the weekend, we attended the Barbie’s 60th anniversary pop-up where Mazzy and Harlow both had to choose their future careers. Harlow chose the first female President of the United States (go Harlow!) while Mazzy chose something even harder to achieve— the first female unicorn. She picked it to be funny, but then someone pointed out that a “unicorn” is also the term used for a privately held company valued over a billion dollars. So, I guess I’ve got two girls dreaming big!

Speaking of girls with big dreams, I put together a list of children’s books about badass women for International Women’s Day. You can even enter to win two books from the new Work It Girl series— one about Oprah Winfrey and the other about J.K. Rowling.

Spring break is coming up for us next week, and my family is heading to Lake Tahoe for a ski trip! It’s our first time there as a family, so if anyone has any recommendations for the area, please leave a comment below. For those of you staying home during Spring Break, I had a homeschooling mom share some great ideas to alleviate boredom that even remarkably average parents can pull off!

On the binge watching front, I finished Workin’ Moms on Netflix this week, which I highly recommend, even though I have some issues with it. I also stayed up watching the full four hours of Leaving Neverland last night, which was completely devastating and I totally understand if you take a pass. Bit if you want to discuss, please leave a comment below.

I’d also like to give my sincerest condolences to everyone affected by the horrific shooting in New Zealand. The hateful rhetoric of white supremacy appears to be spreading and it is a terrifying thing.

Sorry to end on a sad note, but sometimes that’s what the day deserves.