Back in the fall, I went to a Brandless pop-up, which sounds like an unsponsored pop-up, but it’s actually for a brand called Brandless. Confusing, I know. But also, pretty ingenious. Brandless makes hundreds of everyday essentials including non-GMO packaged food, clean beauty products, non-toxic cleaners, home goods, paper goods and stationery. They also just launched baby care products and pet care. When we decided to collaborate on this blog post, I had the option to incorporate any of their products into a story about our apartment renovation, a baking video with Harlow, etc. but since then, I’ve become such a fan of Brandless, I really just wanted to use this post to explain the company and their mission.

All their products have a similar “brandless” aesthetic. They look like the cool version of generic stuff you used to find in the grocery store, before grocery stores came out with their own “brands.” Each item is packaged in fun colors and labeled simply with what it is— mouthwash, cotton balls, tomato sauce, etc. giving it a very 2019 design-centric appeal.

Brandless is very eco-conscious and tries to stay away from unnecessary chemicals (particularly in their beauty and cleaning products). They are also proud of the amount of research that goes into product vetting and taste testing everything they sell to ensure it all meets their “incredibly high standards.”

But the most amazing part is that almost every product they sell is only $3(!), because the Brandless brand mission (ha!) is to make sure everyone can get high quality products at fair prices. They’ve recently introduced a few new price points, but the majority of products are still only $3.

Actually, there is another amazing part. Brandless partners with Feeding America to donate a meal with every purchase. Since launch, they’ve donated over 3M meals and counting.

So…your next question probably is— how can they do this? That was mine too.

They say that by building direct relationships with their suppliers and selling everything exclusively on their own site, they eliminate all the extra costs associated with inefficient and unnecessary markups.

As someone who used to work in advertising, I totally get this because I remember finding out how much of my clients’ budgets went towards where their products were displayed within the different grocery store chains. Ever wonder why some cookies are eye level and some are hard to find because they are located high up on the shelves or low to the ground? Those eye level brands pay a lot for that space.

I had heard about Brandless (they are backed by celebs like Jessica Seinfeld, Steph Curry, Scooter Braun and Randi Zuckerberg) but I hadn’t had a chance to try their products until the pop-up. Obviously, it’s great to buy inexpensive products, but only if they are actually good.

I have to say, I was impressed with everything. Not only did the pop-up look fabulous with all their simple and colorful products lining the shelves, we also got to taste test their snacks, their salsas, their soups and their nut butters, which all passed the Mommy Shorts quality control test. (That’s a new thing I just made up right now.)

Look! Here I am standing in front of a wall of free snacks!

It’s like my version of heaven. I became a fan of their organic sweet potato chips, their half popped popcorn, and the gummy fish.

Since we went to the pop-up, I’ve been talking them up on numerous occasions and even convinced a very reluctant Mike to try ordering from them. Have I told you my husband can be a snob? We have started getting everything from lip balm to #2 pencils to jalapeño quinoa puffs, and have yet to be disappointed.

Seriously— TRY THE JALAPENO QUINOA PUFFS. Our bag was empty about an hour after receiving. I’m embarrassed to say that was 99% my doing.

We even just ordered a set of steak knives because ours have been missing since moving back into our apartment. At $3 a knife, it seemed like a very low investment, in case our old “way more expensive” wedding registry knives suddenly turn up.

It was great to restock our new kitchen with the basics, since we threw out a lot of stuff when we moved out to renovate. We ordered organic sugar, brown sugar, flour, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, salad dressings, pasta, and more.

We also got some wooden serving spoons, dishwashing detergent and a hand soap that looks very pretty on our counter. Everything comes displayed photo ready and beautifully laid out in a box:

Just kidding. I stuck a bunch of scarves on the bottom of the box for the photo so that you guys could see all the products. I should also mention that Mazzy and Harlow had a fight over the pack of highlighters and gel pens and I was like— RELAX. I can buy another pack.

And I got some fun baking mixes for the girls like organic lemon bar mix, lemon basil scones mix and cornbread mix.

Did I mention the foot cream and the dried mango? For some reason, it’s hilarious to me that I can order both those things from one place.

Oh! And pancake and waffle mix, of course, with their best selling organic maple syrup.

Remember when Mike and Harlow made me pancakes for my birthday with matching pancake and syrup attire? That syrup shirt came from the Brandless pop-up gift bag.

See? Mike became a fan after all.

This post is sponsored by Brandless but all opinions are my own.