A few months ago, Mike started putting on CNBC in the morning. So, it’s on the whole time we are getting the kids ready in the morning. I didn’t object because talking about shares and futures and markets seemed totally over my kids’ heads and way less frightening than the regular news.

Then, at a wedding we went to this past weekend (more on that later), while wandering around the venue during the reception, the kids found a room that looked like a board room with a big long table in the middle.

All of the cousins (Mazzy, Harlow, Jack, Neve, Maya and Hunter) all gathered around the big table and Mazzy went straight to the head of it. She sat up in her chair, leaned forward, slammed both hands down on the table in a total power move and said, “Okay! Let’s buy a company! I suggest Amazon!”

Then for the next 30 minutes, the kids all argued whether Disney, Apple or Amazon would be the most profitable. Mazzy had a better idea— “We don’t have to buy just one! Let’s invest in all of them!”

Apparently, my daughter has been paying attention to CNBC in the morning. I don’t think I understood stocks until I was in my 20s.

After lots of back and forth, they decided to buy shares in sweet potatoes. Everybody loves sweet potatoes, they said. Mazzy slammed her hands down again— “And then we can make credit cards out of them!!!”

Sounds like a money maker to me!