As I talked about a few weeks ago, I have started blogging less. You can see all the reasons why here. This doesn’t mean I have anything less to write about. In fact, this morning, I sat down to write a blog post and got immediately overwhelmed because I have SO MANY TOPICS to tackle. Some of the topics seem downright ancient (Harlow and Mazzy finished kindergarten and third grade what seemed like eons ago) but writing about new things (like our week in the tiny house upstate) seems like jumping ahead in time, making it harder to jump back.

So. In the interest of catching up, I am going to post a list of things that have happened in my life that I’ve been meaning to write about. Some of them I might flesh out into a longer blog post and some them just might live and die on this list.

31 Potential Blog Post Titles

1. Harlow Kills it as a Cat in her Dance Recital

2. Mazzy Shocks Her Mom by Memorizing Lines on the Sly Before her Acting Class Performance

3. For our First Time as Parents, Vacation Actually Felt Like Vacation in Mexico

4. We Refinished the Attic in our Summer House and Now the Girls are Taking it Over

5. How My Lasik Surgery is Holding Up Nine Months Later

6. The Best Thing About Girl Scouts is the One on One Mother Daughter Trips

7. My Favorite Family Friendly Restaurants in NYC

8. Insta2yearold Should Be Everyone’s Preferred News Source

9. Mazzy’s Ongoing Investigation into Santa and the Tooth Fairy

10. Remember When I Said I was Writing this Blog to Show My Kids One Day? That Day is Here.

11. 10 Stories that Have Become Mazzy and Harlow Family Legends

12. I Joined a Gym for the first time in Five Years!

13. Is Mazzy Aging Out of Day Camp?

14. Harlow’s Transition from Shy Kid to Full On Extrovert

15. Mood Boards for My NYC Bedroom and Living Room

16. Mazzy and I Can’t Get it Together to Write our Children’s Book

17. 10 Things that are Totally Awesome about the Big Kid Years

18. Where Did My 8yo’s Attitude Come From and Is it Going Away Any Time Soon???

19. Harlow Learns to Swim!

20. The Day I Made Coffee on Good Morning America

21. Do Sibling Relationships get Harder as Your Kids Get Older?

22. Plane Travel with an 8 and 5-year-old is Amazing

23. 10 Books to Increase Confidence in Young Girls

24. Celebrating Our 11 Year Anniversary By Finally Writing About the Trip we Took on Our 10 Year Anniversary

25. Is Technology Ruining our Children Even More than We Thought it Would?

26. Watching TV Together as a Family is My New Favorite Thing

27. The Day I Screamed My Head Off and Then Felt Like a Shittiest Mom Ever

28. The Time I Went to Montreal to Speak on a Panel that was Cancelled

29. 20 Things You Can Do for Your Kids that Feel Special but are Super Easy to Pull Off

30. The World is Ending

31. How My Weekend Compares with Allie’s Weekend

32. Was My Israel Trip Part of a Cult Indoctrination or Were They Just Really Nice People?

33. Help! My Kids Can’t Go to Sleep without Me Lying Down Next to Them!

34. Are Pop-Up Experiences Destroying Instagram?

35. We Got Outdoor Furniture!

36. Where the Fuck are We Going to Live in September???

Okay. So after reading this list, which of these ideas would you guys like me to make into full blog posts most?