The world stopped early on Saturday morning. Well, at least for those of us who were awake. Harry and Meghan got married and became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, although everyone will continue to call them the Prince and Princess, just because that’s more fun.

Harlow has been very interested in the Royal Wedding. She asked me lots of questions, recorded a special edition of Harlow’s News (see bottom of this post) and even put on a headband to wear to school today that is strikingly similar to one of those fascinators that all the fancy Brits were sporting.

The wedding was beautiful and well-done and made most of the world shed a few happy tears. There really wasn’t much to make fun… but as always, the internet found a way. I hopped on the bandwagon too, because when you can’t make fun of the childless newly married couple fresh out of the gate, you can always make fun of the seasoned parents who are dragging their kids along and praying nobody wipes their cocktail sauce covered fingers on their party clothes. I’m talking to you— Will and Kate!

Here are a few of my favorite Royal Wedding tweets and memes about the kids involved and the parents who needed them on their absolute best behavior:

1. A true story about how Will and Kate must be feeling:


2. Princess Charlotte VS Prince George:


3. Royal Kids VS Regular Kids:


4. Can someone help the page boys untangle this thing?


5. Insta2yearold has PLANS


6. GODDAMNIT WILL! I told you to take him to the bathroom before we left.


7. George has a plan too.


8. Charlotte wants to know when she can put on her dancing shoes.




10. I did not know that the Man with the Yellow Hat was invited!


11. Here’s some totally innocent children who were watching at home:


12. Just your every day spectator who picked out her own outfit, obviously:




14. FYI, my sister got married nine days after I gave birth to my first child so, I feel you, Kate!


15. Kate also needs to forget Royal duties and be on Dad Duty for once!

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16. Just how far in advance did she plan this?


17. This kid smiles for all of us:


18. Time to go home!


19. Poor Kate just gave birth five seconds ago and already it’s old news.


20. And lastly, we’ve got Harlow with a special edition of Harlow’s News:

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Thank you, Harry and Meghan! With everything that was going on in the world, it was a gift to have a bit of distraction for a day.

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