At the end of last year, on Christmas Day actually, Mike and I took the kids to LA for a four day trip. Mike and I have both been there many times (separately and together), but my main memories of LA are the yummy restaurants and the scene at night, so it was very different to be there as a family. Mazzy and Harlow couldn’t care less about restaurants and are in bed by 8:30pm.

Nevertheless, we found that with the beaches, the museums, the amusement parks, and the laid back attitude (not to mention the out-of-this-world weather), LA is a perfect place to travel with your kids!

It was a pretty spontaneous trip and we went with no plan whatsoever. Pretty much everything we did was based on suggestions people were giving us on Instagram in real time. It’s a pretty fun way to travel actually! Thanks to everyone who gave me such awesome tips. Even if we’d planned months ahead of time, I don’t think we would do anything different.

And FYI, we didn’t even tell the kids that Disneyland was nearby. (Shhhh.) We opted for the simplicity of Santa Monica Pier and that suited them just fine.

I’ll post our full itinerary soon, but in the meantime— watch our entire trip in the travel vlog below!

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