This post is part of the “Mommy Shorts Guide to Manhattan,” a series where I share all our favorite family-friendly spots in NYC.

About a month ago, Mazzy and Harlow were invited to the ultimate NYC event. It was a rainbow cake decorating party at a new bakery downtown called Flour Shop. A shop that after looking at photos, I determined to be the most instagram-friendly space ever created. I showed the kids the invite and they were excited.

There was just one catch. The event was sponsored by Oscar De La Renta, who emailed to ask for both Mazzy and Harlow’s sizes. They told me that they were going to send over dresses for them to wear to the party.

“But I don’t wear dresses!” Mazzy told me.

“Yes, I know… but you haven’t even seen the dress yet. Maybe you will like it!”

The dress arrived. It was bright pink. Mazzy literally screamed and ran out of the room when she opened the box.

Harlow was another story. She was beyond excited by her dress, which had a cape attached was perhaps the most amazing little girl dress I have ever seen. She looked like half princess/half superhero when she put it on.

After Harlow started walking around and showing off her dress, Mazzy got into the spirt and put hers on too. It looked beautiful on her and she decided to wear it to the party. But she made me promise that I would wear a pink dress to the event too.

Flour Shop is located downtown on 177 Lafayette Street and at the time, they had rainbow colored Christmas trees in the window. There was a long table set up in the middle of the room for all the girls to decorate their cakes.

The room is white with a huge rainbow painted on the wall that spreads down onto the floor, goes across the room and comes up into a second rainbow on the other side. It’s pretty spectacular with the perfect spot for the quintessential family photo op.

Yes, I honored Mazzy’s pink dress request.

The girls got busy decorating their cakes with different color icing, sprinkles, edible pastel sequins, confetti, etc.

I got busy secretly wishing all the adults cleared the room so that I could get a good shot.

Mazzy decided to push some sprinkles inside the cake as a surprise for whoever cut it open later. Little did she know, and neither did I, that this is exactly what Flour Shop is known for. When you cut open their mini cakes, a waterfall of fancy sprinkles pour out.

Of course, when Mazzy discovered this, she got mad, because Flour Shop had stolen her idea. I told her that Flour Shop actually came up with the idea first, which did not go over well at all. Then I suggested she just eat the cake and all was well. Even with a few thousand sprinkles, the cake was still moist and delicious. Yes, I couldn’t believe Mazzy let me have a bite either.

While Mazzy devoured her cake, Harlow was more interested in showing hers off for the camera. We took about a million pictures, because the combo of sprinkle cake, rainbow wall and cape dress was just too much for my art director heart to take.

By the way, the other cake that the Flour Shop is known for is their Unicorn cake. We’ll have to eat that one another time.

After Mazzy and Harlow had both sufficiently destroyed and eaten their cakes, they took a moment to relax in the oversized fancy white chairs on one side of the room. This made for another perfect photo op.

I had my old phone with me (I had just gotten the iPhone X and this event was actually my first time using it), so they asked if they could take pictures and videos too. I agreed and for the next hour, Mazzy took slow motion videos of Harlow spinning and Harlow took upside videos of herself talking, while sipped a cup of coffee and watched.

They were adorable, laughing together and having the best time. I’m not sure if it was the sugar high or the fact that their rainbow fantasies had just come true, but they were clearly as inspired by the environment as I was.

At the moment it became clear that they were about to crash (see Mazzy yawning in the background above), I decided it was time to head home.

That’s when the lovely ladies at the Flour Shop offered us a parting gift— the other delectable treat they are know for.

It was a rainbow cake push-pop and I don’t know how you say “no” to that.

The kids weren’t that interested in taking pictures at this point but I did get one of Harlow making a face like, “Don’t even think about asking me for a bite of my push-pop.

Two seconds later, she handed it over. I guess a girl really can eat too much cake.

It was delicious.