I’ve talked a lot about the tumultuous relationship between Mazzy and Gavin. They’re a couple, they’re not a couple, they’re married, they can’t stand each other. It’s all very charged with emotions.

What I haven’t really talked about is the very special relationship that has grown between Harlow and Gavin’s little brother, Luke. Or “Lukie” as Harlow likes to call him.


Unlike Mazzy and Gavin, who met in preschool, Harlow and Luke have known each other since they were born.

They don’t fight like their older siblings tend to do, they look out for one another.



Harlow and Luke go to the same school but since Luke is about six months older, he is in an older class. Or as Harlow says, “We are not in the same school, we are in the same building.” Their mornings are spent apart, but at noon, Harlow’s class funnels into Luke’s for lunch.

According to their teachers, Luke saves the seat next to him for Harlow every day.


Any time Harlow is doing something new (like suddenly talking about her need to practice karate before bed), I know it’s something she picked up from Luke. He comes up almost daily in conversation.

I know that Lukie has big muscles, he drives a car, and he saw Star Wars.




They also have many private jokes, the main one being about an old man walking down the street. There is no more to that story. They just do this thing where they walk down the street singing, “I’m an old man walking down the street! I’m an old man walking down the street!”

Neither I nor Luke’s mom (Seri aka Little Miss Party) have any idea where the old man thing came from; we just know this has been a running joke for at least a year. In fact, it took us until about six months ago to figure out they have both been doing this on their own for quite some time.

We think it originated with Luke, but we can’t be sure.


Anyway, it’s awesome to know that when the Harlow and Luke get together, they will always get along. They can play together, eat together, watch TV together… always with consideration for the other’s likes and needs.

Just like Harlow talks about Luke when he’s not around, Seri tells me that Harlow comes up in conversation in their home all the time too. The other day, Luke was watching a movie on the iPad and screamed, “THIS IS WAY TOO SCARY FOR HARLOW!”

Harlow wasn’t even there at the time.


Last week, Seri and I took Harlow and Luke to Zucker’s Bakery for a little Valentine’s Day treat— sprinkle covered doughnut holes and hot chocolate.


I think these photos perfectly capture their special bond.


Whether Harlow and Luke use them to celebrate their engagement one day or laugh about them with their respective fiancés, I feel certain these two will have a close relationship for quite some time.


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