What is it about sneezing that causes your bladder to break down?? I mean, if it were every time, that would be one thing, but peeing your pants as a GROWN-UP seems to happen totally at random. Nine times out of ten, you’re like— I am just as young and spry as before I had kids! And then that last sneeze happens and you’re like— HOLY COW. AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR ADULT DIAPERS NOW?

Thankfully, we are not alone. Many moms have an incident, or twenty, when they’re trying to stifle a sneeze, jump on a trampoline, sleep through the night (GOD FORBID) or just go about their normal day. How do I know this? Because peeing in your pants is a very popular theme with some of the funniest moms I follow on Instagram.

10 Peeing in Your Pants Memes that Have Nothing to Do with Potty Training:



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On a more serious note, pregnancy and child birth can increase the risk of incontinence, especially if you have more than one kid. When women think about incontinence products (or try not to think about them, as the case may be), their mind often goes straight to “adult-diapers” which can make a person feel a million years old. So instead, women will often head to the feminine care aisle and pick up menstrual pads or liners to help, but these products don’t provide the best protection.

If you are one of the 1 in 3 women who experience bladder leaks1 (yes, that many!), you should know that there are products you can buy that look just like pads but are specifically designed for incontinence. Always Discreet pads, for example, are thinner than the leading brand on the market and feature RapidDry™ technology that absorbs leaks in seconds, Dual LeakGuards™ that help stop leaks where they happen most and OdorLock™ that neutralizes urine odors instantly – something menstrual pads cannot do.

Always Discreet hopes that with the right protection, a little leakage can feel like NO BIG DEAL. You can go ahead and bounce on that trampoline with complete confidence!

Except if you hate trampolines. Then, by all means, sit that thing out!


This post is sponsored by Always Discreet but I think these memes are hilarious all on my own.

1Fem Care AI analysis – Nielson Homescan Panel ending Mach 2012 looking a Fem Care purchases in HH 50+ that have no teenagers at home.