Growing up, I didn’t really think much about other families’ holiday traditions. Most people we knew were Jewish and everyone celebrated similarly to how we did. At least, I assumed they did. There wasn’t Facebook or Instagram to compare and contrast your holiday experience, so the only way you were really exposed to other people’s traditions were if they invited you over. If not, you could just imagine that every family was eating the same meal, wearing the same clothes and getting the same amount of presents.

Sure, Christmas looked great on television, but so did everything! That wasn’t real!

Flash forward twenty-something years and now we all are fully aware of all the fun we are not having. Thanks to social media, I know that advent calendars and ginormous Christmas trees and neighborhood caroling and holiday cookies aren’t just the stuff of Christmas movie magic, they happen in real homes all across the country! I also know that people who celebrate Christmas get WAY more gifts than we get for Hanukah. Bigger and better gifts too!

I mean, I love a good game of dreidel and some latkes, but COME ON, Christmas has got us beat.

You know the other thing that I started to feel like I was missing out on? The holiday jammies! It always seems like so much fun to dress everyone in the same festive jammies and hang out all day opening gifts and sipping hot cocoa in one big coordinated cuddle pile on the couch. But most family holiday jammies are red and green with pictures of Santa and reindeer and sleighs and candy canes and all things Christmas. They don’t really feel like us.

When PajamaGram reached out to me this year to see if my family would be interested in wearing their holiday jammies, my initial reaction was, “You know I’m Jewish, right?”

“Yep! We’ve got Hanukah jammies too!”

“Really? Like matching ones for the whole family?”


“Interesting. Let me see if I can get my husband on board.”

I called Mike and asked him if would be interested in wearing some coordinating jammies with the family this year.

“Like Christmas jammies?”

“No. They’ve got Hanukah ones too!”

We then spent the next half hour on the PajamaGram site picking out our favorite pairs.

There were jammies with dreidels on them, but we preferred the more classy blue plaid flannel pajamas and winter motifs.

When the jammies arrived at our apartment, I was not sure how the girls would react, but they LOVED them.

“Wait. We all got matching?????’


“YAY!!!!! Can we put them on???”

“That’s why they are here!”

We tried on each pair and I swear, you would have thought I had just gifted them a stable of ponies, they were so excited. They loved how soft the flannel pajamas were and they definitely appreciated the blue colors for Hanukah.

We did end up buying one pair of snowflake patterned pajamas in gray and red. They were fleece footie pajamas with hoods and we could not resist.

They might be the coziest pajamas ever and the girls did not want to take them off. I don’t blame them.

So, now I can proudly say, we’ve got one more holiday tradition— it’s Jews in Jammies and we’ll be wearing them every year, from here on out.


If you’d like you’re own selection of coordinated family jammies (yes, they have Christmas ones too!), PajamaGram is giving away a $500 gift card! Just enter here. Then comment below and tell me what holiday item do you think would make the best pajama pattern? Personally, I would buy latke patterned pajamas in a heartbeat.