I remember shortly after having my second child, I had to go to the ob/gyn for my six week routine check-up. I’m not sure who watched my baby that day (maybe my mom?) but I was there alone, for what felt like the first time since my first was born.

Doctor’s waiting rooms used to be the stuff of nightmares, but ever since the invention of the smart phone, they have been way less painful. You can check email, read gossip sites, flip through your photos… even watch Netflix! I honestly didn’t care how long I waited that day.

Unfortunately, the nurse called me in a few minutes after I sat down and I felt incredibly disappointed. I wanted the wait! Well. I got my wish, because I sat there in the examination room wearing my paper gown for what felt like HOURS. It was so long, I put down my phone and fell asleep right there on the table.

When the doctor finally came in, apologizing profusely because there had been some kind of mix-up, I shut him down. “Doctor. It’s no problem. That was the best vacation I have had in YEARS.”

Also— have you ever driven to an event with your family and you arrive only to find your kid passed out in the back seat? My favorite move is telling my husband to go inside with the awake child, while I stay behind and wait in the car with the sleeping child. The best part is that you get to act like the sacrificial lamb when really you are the winner in the situation. Music, air conditioning and Instagram to scroll through on your phone. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT???

Apparently, a lot of moms feel the same way because when I posted a “vacation” pic of a mom drinking a cup of coffee in her car while both of her kids napped soundly in their carseats on @averageparentproblems, it was one of the most “liked” pics ever.

I asked my followers to write about their own “vacations” in the comments and here’s what they said…

35 Places Moms Describe as “Vacation”

“My last cavity filling was like a spa day. I truly enjoyed the pampering.” – punkvegas

“I was alone shopping for milk and cereal. It was a magical time.” – Rachel

“I once had ecoli and was in the hospital for 5 days. My kids couldn’t visit me so my husband had to stay with them and I was alone the entire time. Even though it was excruciatingly painful at times it felt like vacation and I was a little sad to be discharged.” – Kelsialex

“When I went in for my last c-section. I could lay down and not have anyone tell me to get up!” – ciaomarezy

“Being ordered to rest after getting my wisdom teeth removed. It was heaven. The painkillers helped too. Just me, ice cream, a good book and some bad tv. Very relaxing.” – Alli

“My family and I planned a camping trip but at the last minute I couldn’t take off work. So my husband took our four daughters and they stayed without me. Meaning I spent an entire night by my myself. I didn’t know what to do. It was so glorious.” – napcitychick

“Sometimes even a couple minutes in the locked bathroom can feel fabulous.” – Nataly

“When I was quarantined because of strep throat. That was a nice quiet relaxing Sunday.” – Lilly

“I once went to the dentist alone. And I took the bus both ways to really make it long and special.” – burntgrilledcheese

“Giving blood is my mini vacay. Recline in the quiet, free cookies, juice and people that care for you.” – Rofloxley

“My Pap smear is a legit vacay!” – Bethyleal

“Once, I wandered around a Walgreens for 2 hours, by myself. Didn’t buy a thing. Just wandered.” – Rose

“I thoroughly enjoyed jury duty last year. I brought a book. There was coffee. Vacation.” – Faceystolla

“I had a 45 min wait in line at the DMV. I was thrilled for quiet time looking at a book.” – Nicki

I fell asleep at an acupuncture session with needles stuck all over my face. My sister in law was my acupuncturist and I had my newborn son with me. She took care of him and let me nap!” – Willow

“I took my thickest book that I’d been dying to spend some quality time with to my gyno’s office because her office is notorious for their terrible wait times. When the nurse offered me her auto-apology for the wait, I could honestly say ‘no problem.'” – Mrs. Crouch

“I filled the car with gas a few days ago after bedtime, went and got a chai latte, and sat next to the lake to drink it on my own. It was incredible.” – Catie

“I was excited to get my gallbladder removed because I got to take a dang nap!!” – Teamwall

“I look forward to the glucose test when I’m pregnant because it’s an hour of quiet!” – Mama Ray

“Sometimes, I drive around in the car with my kids for a break. They are in their carseats so they can’t touch each other or fight.” – Meghan

“Once my husband texted me and said he and the kids were stuck in traffic and would my feelings be hurt if he just pulled over and bought them dinner. ‘I guess that’ll be okay.’ Wine and popcorn for dayzzzzzz.” – Evin

“I once thoroughly enjoyed every minute of a root canal.” – Courtney

“I genuinely enjoy dentist appointments now because I get to sit back with my feet up, eyes closed and no one expects me to talk.” – Gene

“I was waiting in line at the grocery store while they were doing a price check for the customer ahead of me. Both the customer and cashier kept apologizing until I said my husband was home with the kids and to take as long as they needed.” – Donna

“I have jury duty in October and am giddy at the thought of reading a book in solitude!” – Lori

“Once at the dentist, I fell asleep between the hygienist’s cleaning and the doctor’s final check. They let me sleep for 40 minutes because they thought I looked tired. My boys were five and two at the time.” – Crystal

“When I was a stay-at-home mom, I was once thankful to go to the dermatologist to get moles scraped. I got to lay down in a quiet room and spend time with adults. I was actually looking forward to the appointment for weeks.” – Laura

“I went to an appointment that had apparently been canceled without my knowledge. So I sat down in the waiting room with my coloring book. Pretty sure they were confused.” – Makani

“A solo trip to target where I browsed EVERY aisle.” – Leah

“I was on a trip for work that resulted in a two hour time difference. Somehow I screwed up and agreed to wait for a coworker thinking their flight would arrive 30 minutes after mine. Nope. It was 2 HOURS and 30 mins. So I sat in the airport. Alone. And talked to no one. For two whole HOURS. Don’t be jealous.” – Jessica

“We live in a very small town, and I went to fill up my gas tank and grab a jug of milk from the gas station, 3 minutes from my house. Took me almost an hour, says my husband.” – Cassidy

“I went to a funeral by myself that was 3 1/2 hours away. It was a whole day to myself. I would rather it had not been this person’s funeral, but I’m a mom of five and the quiet in the car was nice there and back.” – Jenn

“I waited two hours for an oil change and tire rotation at the dealership without kids. It was absolutely blissful!” – Alison

“I sat in traffic for an hour longer than usual one night last week. Alone. Coffee. Radio. It was good!” – Brooke

“I had a four hour hospital stay for dehydration after a nasty stomach bug. I watched TV, ate jello, napped…I’d do it again.” – Tiffany

“It’s happening right now. I am getting my hair ‘blow dried’ by a special lice eradicating machine. For $185. Worth it.” – Kara

What “vacation” did you take recently that I am missing?

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