[UPDATE: I just deleted and reposted VLOG 8 because Mazzy and Harlow noticed that my title card in the video still said VLOG 6. They know each vlog backwards and forwards and refer to them by number. It’s been up for four days and I’ve watched it about 50 times and never noticed. They noticed on their second viewing. I need to hire them officially. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a watch. If you already have, please “like” and comment again!]

It’s Friday which means it’s time for a video… and this particular Friday, I’m posting a brand new VLOG! It’s Vlog 8.

If you’re Mazzy and Harlow, then you already knew that because when I told them I was posting a vlog today, they said, “VLOG 8????!!!!” They have each vlog and all it’s contents memorized. Way better than I do, I might add. FYI, their favorite vlog is Vlog 6, with their favorite moment being at 6:36. They watch that moment over and over and over again and laugh hysterically every time.

Yep, they are their own biggest fans.

Vlog 8 is about us moving out to the ‘burbs for the summer. It includes Harlow singing karaoke, Mazzy giving me a workout, Luke almost burning down our yard, Neve sitting patiently while Harlow “reads” and “rereads” her a book and… a very special guest mini vlog from my nephew Jack, who totally wants in on our YouTube gig.

Also, in a very dramatic development, the floor of the girls’ room turned into lava making it impossible for them to get into bed.

Hope you enjoy!

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