While New York kids (including mine) still have two weeks left of the summer, many kids across the country have already headed back to school. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing varies from child to child, and from parent to parent. Although, I find most parents are pretty happy to get their kids out of the house. I mean, to start or further their child’s education. SO IMPORTANT.

As is customary at this time of year, I like to hold a photo contest for the funniest first day of school photos. Whether your idea of funny is your kid jumping for joy when he sees his new teacher or lying in a puddle of his own tears at the foot of the school is totally up to you.

This year’s contest is sponsored by Mini Babybel®, who will be giving the winning photo (based solely on my discretion) a $250 Amex gift card + a Mini Babybel prize pack. So that you understand what we are looking for, here a few of my favorite first day of school photos from previous years…

23 Hilarious First Day of School Photo Fails

1) The mom that forgot to make a sign so she gave her kid a blank piece of paper so that she could photoshop the words at a later date

2) The kid who barely made it out the front door without staging an anti-school protest

3) The sibling who did not inherit the school spirit gene like her sisters

4) The kid who tooted on his sign instead of saying “cheese”

5) The preschooler who was literally about to live every high schooler’s worst nightmare

6) The kid who was about to make her teacher’s life a living hell

7) The kid who stayed up WAY too late the night before

8) The kid who wanted a Wonder Woman backpack!

9) The kid who is willing to stand still for you photo, but if you want a smile, you’re going to have to pay her

10) The underclassman who was already experiencing hazing and she hadn’t even left her house

11) The dad who really needs to get out of your photo

12) The little brother who wants to know why he isn’t going to school too

13) The kids who are like, “You can make us wear your fancy uniforms but you can’t take our FREEDOM!”

14) The kid who would save her sparkle for Day 2

15) The kid who acted like you were sending him away to boarding preschool

16) The kid who would rather be homeschooled

17) The twins who decided to make it a little easier to tell them apart

18) The kids who know the drill and are going to make you WORK for it

19) The kid who will smile once she fulfills her lifelong dream of becoming a fox or a pony

20) The kid who refused to leave the house

21) The kid who you can bring to the step but you can’t make her stop crying

22) The mom who admits this photo isn’t for the memories. it’s for Facebook

23) The mom who forgot to take a photo on Day 1, so she did the next best thing (FYI, that mom is ME!)

Share your back-to-school outtakes on the Mommy Shorts Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #firstdayphotofail (tagging @mommyshorts) for three chances to win a $250 Amex gift card and a prize pack from Mini Babybel® Cheese. I’ll feature all of my favorites and announce the winner in a blog post on September 8th!

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I can’t wait to see your first day of school photo outtakes!

Winner Update:

View this year’s winner and all the funniest submissions here!


This post was sponsored by Mini Babybel but all school-hating kids are your own.