Harlow has been Twilight Sparkle for the past three days which should end this evening after trick or treating is over. But I can’t be sure. She really likes her costume and it’s possible this could continue straight into November. In fact, Harlow already told me she wants to change the theme of her birthday party from “butterflies” to “My Little Pony.” Good thing I didn’t start planning yet!


Mazzy is Mal from the Descendants. She chose this costume before ever having seen the movie. We finally watched it on Friday night and now I’m like— is this even appropriate or a six-year-old??? I’m not sure. She looks so grown-up in the costume, I’m a little bit terrified. Way scarier than a witch of a ghost, that’s for sure.


Together the girls are VERY VERY PURPLE. Tonight, we’ll be trick or treating around NYC and I’ll be able to tell you about it all tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s Twlight Sparkle (sans wig) singing about how it’s “gonna be gonna be gonna be… A PARTY TONIGHT!”

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