There’s a new commercial from American Greetings that is definitely worth watching. NOTE: This is not sponsored. I just really love when brands acknowledge tough situations that aren’t always talked about out in the open. The commercial deals with a couple who, like many couples out there, are having trouble conceiving a child.

I had trouble getting pregnant, both before Mazzy and before Harlow. It took time, there were many setbacks and doctors were involved. Still, I know it’s not nearly to the extent that some people have struggled. Also, I can now say that I have two healthy children while many others are still trying to find help and answers.

But I can remember the feeling of having a secret battle buried in the background of my everyday life. Trying to live my normal routine and pretending that everything was fine. Going to the gym, the office, out with friends, like any of it mattered. Dodging playful questions about when we were going to have a baby and hiding the pain of setbacks when most friends and family didn’t even know that we were trying.

The scene in the commercial that really got me is the pain behind the woman’s smile when she is trying to be happy for someone else at their baby shower. I think every woman struggling to get pregnant has been in this exact scenario and I thank American Greetings for showing them that they are not alone.

I also thank them for not providing the happy ending that would have made me angry at the time I was in a similar position.

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