Summer is coming, and for many parents that means road trips…and all the inevitable issues that come along with being trapped in the car with children who won’t stop asking, “ARE WE THERE YET?” even when you can still see your house in the rearview mirror.

Sure, we have iPads and DVD players these days to distract siblings from the fact that Mommmmm, his leg is touching my leg again! But when the novelty of watching Frozen for the 900th time wears off, wouldn’t it be nice if the kids could just entertain themselves?

That’s exactly what happened when this little tot named Maddie heard “Uptown Funk” in the car. With admirable patience she waits for the beat to drop, and then DANG! This girl has some moves!

Her parents are pretty lucky too, because during the entire one minute and eleven second video, Maddie never even once asked for a snack.

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