Remember back in my second vlog where I showed a few snippets from the makeup tutorial I filmed with Mazzy and Harlow? Well, the feedback I got was that you all wanted to see the whole thing. More importantly, the feedback I got from Mazzy and Harlow was that they wanted their make-up tutorial to exist by its own merits as well.

I swear, they said that. Although probably not in those exact words.

The idea of doing the make-up tutorial in the first place was also their idea. And I’m realizing, if I want this blog to continue and I want my kids to be involved, then I need to involve them on their terms and not just mine.

Their terms were as follows: WE WANT TO DO A MAKE-UP TUTORIAL.

Uhhhh…whose make-up will you use?


But you realize that if I let you put on the make-up for the video, that doesn’t mean you are allowed to wear it out in public, right??


Like, you are not going to start asking me to wear lipstick to school or anything, are you?


Well, okay, then. You can do a make-up tutorial.

Mazzy is disturbingly good at it, right?? And Harlow’s got her eye application face DOWN.

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Excuse me. I mean— OUR channel.