A lot of kids have an imaginary friend or a favorite toy or a beloved blankie that they drag everywhere like Mazzy’s infamous Boo. But at least one little girl has gone way beyond stuffed animals and lovies, and befriended…a water heater?

Yes, an adorable toddler named Rayna came across a broken down water heater on the street, thought it was a robot, and proceeded to become the star of what might be the sweetest 24 seconds of video the Internet has ever seen.

Rayna’s affection for this pile of metal (which, in her defense, really does look like a robot) has inspired lots of heart-eye emojis as well as some pretty big predictions on YouTube, from, “She’s gonna get a lifetime supply of water heaters on Ellen,” to the slightly more extreme, “In Year 2064, all of humanity will be saved from the uprising by the ‘robot whisperer’ simply know as Rayna.”

Well, I don’t know about that, but the Ellen thing might not be too far off.

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