Last year, I made lion pancakes for the girls and never felt so accomplished in my life. Not only are they what Pinterest dreams are made of, Mazzy and Harlow were beyond thrilled when they arrived at the breakfast table and found them in place of their standard fare.

I had been making fun of Pinterest moms for years, but was it really so hard to arrange a few pieces of fruit on a pancake to surprise and delight your kids?

No! It wasn’t!

Have I done it since?


But I could. There is not much cooking required. It’s pretty much all presentation and anybody who can cut a banana can do it. In fact, when Mazzy saw the images below, she was inspired to make her own creation. In fact, her creation is currently sitting on the counter covered in plastic wrap because she didn’t want to ruin it by putting it in her mouth. She wanted to save it to show Harlow when she gets home from school, but was very clear that Harlow isn’t allowed to eat it either.

Which brings me to the one big issue with Pinterest quality breakfast presentation— they are all too adorable to eat.

29 Breakfast Ideas Too Adorable to Eat

Sleeping Bear

Source: The Meta Picture

Cinnabon Snail

Source: Cute Food For Kids

Oatmeal Owl

Source: Fork and Beans

Crab Croissant

Source: Edible Crafts

Pancake Minions

Source: Heather Hollandaise

Bunny Bread

Source: PopSugar Moms

Teddy Bear Toast

Source: Creative and Fun Healthy Food

Banana Dinosaur

Source: Cafe Mom

Ice Cream Waffles

Source: Seniyye


Source: Crafting In The Rain

Monster Toast

Source: Perpetual Kid

Open Heart Toast

Source: Dagmars Home

Two Love birds Sitting on some Sausage

Source: Laughing Squid

Gold fish

Source: Toxel

Puppy Biscuits

Source: BuzzFeed

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Fruit Plate

Source: Meet The Dubiens

Peanut butter Owl Toast

Source: Lasso The Moon

Cloudy Day Eggs

Source: Fab

Puppy Pancakes

Source: CuteChiChai

Hard Boiled Egg Chicks

Source: All For The Boys

Hard Boiled Bunny

Source: Natural New Age Mom

Banana Dolphins

Source: One Handed Cooks

Forest friends

Source: Fork and Beans

Apple Frog Waffle

Source: Van’s

Peach Birdie

Source: Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

 Donut Fruits

Source: Studio DIY

Bear Gone Fishing

Source: Bento Days

Bunny Breakfast Bowl

Source: Clean and Scentsible

Bunny Butt Pancakes

Source: Party Pinching

Wanna see Mazzy’s creation? It’s a face. I call it Waffle Woman Who Shines like the Sun.

To see more breakfast creations, follow Mommy Shorts on Pinterest.