Recently, the baby pictured above went viral because she is a dead ringer for… can you guess? I mean, it’s obvious, right?

This little girl is the spitting image of Ed Sheeran.

If you were following my blog about six years ago, you might remember my very first photo contest. It was called Baby Celebrity Lookalikes and it’s what put me on the map. I think I went from 200 to 600 facebook followers(!) during the course of the contest. I showed Pam and Allie those original lookalikes to prove that I was way ahead of my time and they sat there, like, Ummmm… Ilana? These babies don’t look anything like celebrities.

ME: WHAT??? You’ve got to be kidding me. Can you not see that this baby is Seth Rogan?

PAM: Nope.

ME: Allie?

ALLIE: Sorry.

ME: What about this baby? Doesn’t he look like the infant version of Kevin from the Office?

PAM: I don’t see it.

ME: Really??? Do you think this baby looks like Bruno Mars??

PAM: Well, maybe because of the sunglasses.

ME: And that this baby looks like Bill Maher?

PAM: Uhhhh…no.

ME: COME ON!!!! Allie, do you see it?

ALLIE: Well. I can’t see it as well as I can see it in some of the other babies.

ME: Okay. How about Michelle Williams?

PAM & ALLIE: Silence.

ME: Pam??

PAM: Ummm…. I can’t see it as well as I see it in some of the other babies.

ME: Eric Stonestreet???

PAM: I guess, kind of.

ME: How about Tattoo?

ALLIE: Who is Tattoo?

ME: You know, Herve Villechaize from Fantasy Island.

ALLIE: What’s Fantasy Island?

ME: The plane! The plane!

ALLIE: I don’t understand what you are doing.

ME: Forget it. It’s because you’re only 23. DO YOU KNOW WHO CHRIS FARLEY IS????


ME: Thank god.

ALLIE: I guess that baby looks like him.

PAM: I mean, it does, but not nearly as much as the viral baby looks like Ed Sheeran.

ME: What about Corey Haim?

PAM: That’s Corey Feldman.

ME: Oh right, whatever.

ALLIE: Who’s Corey Feldman?

ME: Sigh. You do know what a Cabbage Patch Kid is, right, Allie???

ALLIE: Yes, I know what a Cabbage Patch Kid is. The baby’s eyes need to be closer together though.

ME: Danny Devito?

PAM: Are we just talking about the hair?

ME: How about Shirley Temple??

PAM: I’ll give that one to you.

ME: Janet Jackson?

PAM: Eh.

ME: William H. Macy?

ALLIE: Mmmm… I don’t know.

ME: Dexter???

PAM & ALLIE: Nope.

ME: That’s totally Dexter!!!

PAM & ALLIE: Shrug.

ME: How about Tiger Woods?

PAM: I mean, they are both wearing a red shirt.

ME: Alfalfa??

ALLIE: Did we confirm that we are just talking about the hair?

ME: Nathan Lane?!

PAM: What similarities are we looking for exactly?

ME: The eyes, the eyebrows, the nose, the hairline…

PAM: Yeah, I don’t see it.

ME: Jay Z?

PAM: Are you sure that isn’t a picture of Jay Z as a baby?

ME: Uhh… it might be. I’m not sure… Okay. Alfred E. Newman?

ALLIE: Who’s—

ME: FORGET IT. Wallace Shawn?

PAM: Maybe….

ME: John Legend?

ALLIE: I guess.

ME: Marge Simpson?

PAM & ALLIE: Oh yeah!!!! I see that one.

Do you have a baby that might or might not look like a celebrity? Submit your pics to the Mommy Shorts facebook page and Pam and Allie will judge for themselves.