special books by special kids

Josie and Sheldon share a very special friendship. Despite what some might see as differences between them, they finish each other’s sentences and share the same desire to be in a “squad with silliness.” They’re also both on the autism spectrum.

The video in which they describe their bond below is giving hope to a lot of parents with kids on the spectrum who are struggling to fit in, not mention the world-weary citizens of the Internet who really just needed to see two people exhibiting undiluted love and kindness toward each other.

If we really listen as they explain the meaning of friendship, marriage and their plans to change the world, I think you’ll find Josie and Sheldon have a lot to teach us about overcoming obstacles and focusing on what’s really important.

Fair warning— you might need a tissue for the hilarious and heart-meltingly sweet way he asks if she’s okay when she coughs.

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