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At a televised college baseball game, the camera cut to the stands and focused on a young kid sitting with his mother. Not to be outdone, the kid focused right back on the camera and DID NOT LET IT OUT OF HIS SIGHT.

There was glaring, squinting, eyebrow action, shoulder dancing all without breaking a smile. Expressions so intense, the cameraperson kept trying and failing to go back to the baseball game but ending right back on the kid, taking the announcers and the viewers with him. It was if the boy’s eyes were saying, “You thought you were watching a baseball game but really, you tuned in to bare witness to my epic staring skills. Puppets. All of you.”

The best part is when his mother finally notices what’s happening. I’m sure she’s been on the receiving end of that stare more than once.

Behold, the staring master in action. The force is strong with this one.

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