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Remember when Mike went across the street to get a cup of coffee and then waited for the corner bodega to brew a fresh pot while I was about to give birth in the lobby of our building at 2am?

Or the time I asked a first year resident to massage my ass and she slowly backed out of the room and promptly ended her medical career?

I also remember the precise moment at the hospital when I lied down, got all hooked up to the heart monitor and then was like— NOPE. Not going to do this! I’m going home…

This video from Buzzfeed Parents brought that all back and then some. Like Mike eating a fucking sandwich. What is it with soon-to-be dads and their incessant need for sandwiches???? If there is anything on earth that might distract a man from his stomach, you’d think it would be the sudden presence of his brand new baby, but again— NOPE.


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