Today marks the beginning of National Poison Prevention week and the CHPA Educational Foundation asked me to write a post about the critical role parents play in household safety, particularly safe medicine storage.

We all know how quickly babies become toddlers become climbers and so forth— their curious nature motivating them to open cabinets, scale kitchen counters and get into places you never even imagined until you witness it with your own eyes.

I remember one time I turned my head and the next moment Harlow was on top of the coffee table. It seemed like just a day ago she could barely  roll over. And of course, there was the time I took baby Mazzy to Grandpa’s Baby Deathtrap. Sometimes, we keep our own home super safe only to realize our kids are even more apt to get into trouble when they visit family or friends.

To illustrate just how “mobile” little kiddos can be, I put together a series of photos showing children getting into unexpected places. These photos are being used with permission and in no way are meant to shame these parents or suggest that these kids are in danger. We have ALL been in a situation like this at one time or another, which is why it is so important to safely store things like medicine up, away and out of sight.

16 Times Parents Needed to up their Baby Proofing Game:


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Approximately 60,000 kids go to the ER every year due to accidental medicine ingestion (this equals 4 school bus loads of kids every day). According to SafeKids, “half of the 2 million calls to poison control centers in 2011 were for exposures and ingestions among kids 5 and under.”

Besides baby proofing, another way parents can help is by teaching their children what medicine is and that only you or a caregiver should give it to them. Never tell them that medicine, including vitamins, are candy, even if they don’t like to take it.

In the spirit of National Poison Prevention week (and just because it is a REALLY good idea), set aside some time this week to double check that your medicines are stored safely— up, away and out of sight of your kids. As I mentioned above, this isn’t just an important issue for when you are home, but when you are staying with friends or family, especially Grandparents. You also need to be mindful of medicines kept in your suitcase or purse.

For more information and tips, check out the CHPA’s educational site: Up & Away

I also suggest making the Poison Control Centers’ phone number easily accessible in your home and storing it in your cell phone: (800-222-1222)

Thank you to the CHPA’s Educational Foundation, KnowYourOTCs, for making me aware of this very important issue and encouraging me to share it with my readers.

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