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There are countless ways to document your baby’s first year of life, but I seriously thought the internet had exhausted all of them.

Nope! I was wrong.

Forget Instagram and Snapchat and Vine or whatever. Those are so YESTERDAY. Eric Bruce decided to document his baby’s first year using Dubsmash.

Dubsmash, in case you don’t know, allows you to pick a soundbite from a movie, song, or TV show and record yourself dubbing over the audio.

Bruce decided to make regular Dubsmash videos with his newborn and had fun sending them to his wife at work. But it didn’t end there. Because it never does. At the end of the year, he compiled all the videos together to create one big adorable montage. It’s especially adorable because the baby’s reactions get more animated as he gets older.

Is the baby the next big Dubsmash star? Is that a thing? Who knows. I can’t keep up.