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Sometimes as parents we have the best intentions for a fun kid activity and then things just go awry. I imagine that’s exactly how 5 year-old Aubrey’s grandma feels right now.

Aubrey loves to watch hair and make-up tutorials online so her grandma gave Aubrey a basket full of old make-up and her iPad so she could play beauty vlogger while grandma sat in the next room.

What fun, right?

Until a very resourceful Aubrey decided to add scissors to her rotation of beauty tools. Scissors, you guys.

I was half cringing and half laughing watching Aubrey’s vlogging debut, especially at the end when she goes to town on the top of her head. Usually, you get to see after pics of this kind of stuff but never the actual act!!!

Well, I guess going viral is a pretty good way for a girl to start her beauty vlogging career…

Is this how you started, EmmaLee Wolf ?

Posted by Debbie Arnold on Friday, January 15, 2016

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