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I’ve been on Snapchat for the past couple of months and as you can probably tell, I really really enjoy it. Since it’s posted in the moment and disappears after 24 hours, I find doing regular vlogs about my day so much less intimidating than editing something together for YouTube. 

Because it’s unedited, I think it shows a much more accurate version of my life than what you see here or on Instagram. You see my messy house and my kids running around like lunatics and my life without the Valencia filter.

The other big benefit is that Mazzy and Harlow LOVE it. They ask to watch my snap story at the end of each day and it’s become a regular part of our bedtime routine.

One of my favorite moments was a few nights ago after a long day in the office, I showed them my snap story per their daily request. Mazzy asked why it was so short. I told her it was because I didn’t see her and Harlow that much that day and snaps of myself are boring. Mazzy disagreed. “I want to see what YOU do during YOUR day, Mommy!”

As a parenting blogger, I have gotten so used to posting pics of my kids and leaving myself out. I am well aware that a photo of my girls will get way more “likes” than my smiling face. Hearing that my kids are interested in what I’m doing just as much as what their doing was a great reminder that my life isn’t 100% about them and that’s the part they find most intriguing. Not my followers, MY KIDS.


On Snapchat, you can do all this fun stuff like film a snap in fast forward or slow motion or backwards. Mazzy particularly likes seeing snaps in fast forward and asked if I could film my entire day that way.


Three things to note about the video you are about to see:

1. Everyone sounds like chipmunks and when you hear a voice that sounds like Simon, that’s Mike.

2. People on Snapchat either loved this or were totally nauseated. Watch at your own risk.

3. Mazzy and Harlow absolutely loved it and asked to watch it three times at the end of the day. Then this morning Harlow asked to film the whole day in slow motion, but I think I’ll pass on that one. I’ll take making people nauseous over boring them to tears any day!

If you want to follow me on Snapchat, my user name is ilanawiles. I promise  most days are at regular speed.