Congratulations to Elliot, the winner of the Chubby Cheek-Off!!! It was a nail biting battle against second place Callie with a win of just 50.21% to Callie’s 49.79%.

Why are these things always SO CLOSE???

Elliott goes home with a $500 Amex gift card and a 6 month supply of Stonyfield YoBaby yogurt. Hopefully, he’ll have room for all that yogurt, what with all those nuts he’s storing in his cheeks for winter.

You can also print out the tournament bracket to hang over Elliott’s bed, as I’m sure it will be a source of family pride for years to come.

chubby cheek off tournament bracket mommy shorts- winner

I asked Elliott’s mom, Jamie what she thought about her baby taking home the grand prize and she said, “We knew Elliott’s cheeks were something special, but we never thought they’d win us anything beyond warm hearts and constant joy!”

She also sent along a few pictures to prove Elliott’s cheeks were the real deal, including this side-by-side with a cabbage patch kid:

cabbage patch kid

And another shot of Elliott as Santa:


Honestly, I think Elliott could give the old guy a run for his money.

Jamie said her favorite comment from a reader during the Cheek-off was, “Elliot’s cheeks are unreal. They are like the Kardashian version of face cheeks!”

True dat.


Jamie also wanted to say how awesome it was to have her friends and family rally around her little guy this past weekend.

“What started off as just a fun little contest turned into this incredible bond of love and excitement. We didn’t expect such an out-pour of support!! My phone was blowing up with FB and texts! Amidst the chaos and sadness of Paris and other tragedies, I think people really wanted to celebrate in something good.”

Here’s a more recent picture of Elliott, who is now one year-old and sadly growing out of his ridiculously large cheeks.


Maybe six months of Stonyfield Yobaby organic yogurt will help?

As for Callie, she put up a tough fight and will not go home empty handed!


Callie, along with our 3rd place winners Joseph and Jaxon, will each get a $50 Amex gift card and a 3 month supply of Stonyfield Yobaby yogurt.



We also gave away a whole bunch of Stonyfield prize packs in giveaways under each round of the Chubby Cheek-Off. Those winners are: Amy, Jung Park, Kristen Sue, Bri T, Andrea T, Sara H, Brianna and Jaclyn. Please contact to claim your prizes.

Thank to everyone who submitted pics and took the time to vote. I hope you like these tournaments as much as I like throwing them!

And a huge thank you to our sponsor, Stonyfield, who in addition to YoBaby yogurt, sells lots of dairy products perfect for families. Everything is made with certified organic ingredients without toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones or GMOs.


Without Stonyfield, there would still be chubby cheeks, but no one would be winning any money for them!